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Two passions into one….

28 Feb

A few years back InStyle magazine had an online blog in which readers and celebrities bags with their contents were displayed and explained why this person liked this bag or product. As a person who loves handbags (I say that I would be more into shoes had I not been blessed with overly wide, big feet that can’t fit int 99% of shoes out there – so I make it up with purses) and a nosey one of that I loved peeking into the handbags of the rich and famous. I was surprise how “normal” many of their bags were and contained items that were found at my local CVS. I don’t know what my passion is for say bags but I know it is most definitely in my blood. The women of my family are known to carry around large, filled to the brim purses. Once my Pop-Pop made a observerant joke that the whole time him and my Gram drove from Florida to New Jersey my Gram’s hands were in her purse searching for something.  Seeing I have begun on an adventure of trying to purify my diet and lifestyle I felt this creation of a site would embrace two areas I am passionate about. I know there are women like me out there that are not only “purse nosey”, but seek to spend their hard-earned cash on cruelty-free products. Yes, you can be fashionable, hot, sexy, feminine without hurting an animal… this is what this blog is here to show.