Yes it is Italian and it isn’t leather…

1 Mar

I have this crazy story in which I went to visit the MOMA last autumn to study abstract art for one of my graduate courses. I was hungry so I decided to make a left onto 5th Avenue in search of a cafe. Yes, I was successful in finding a wonderful place just outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral and while walking back from the cafe to the MOMA I somehow lost 10 minutes of myself on 5th Avenue. I found myself inside the Armani Exchange shop and some how… buying this wonderful Armani, yes a high-end designer, messenger bag (one that converts into a clutch too of course) that was….. not leather! It was beautifully made and exactly what I had been searching months for. I was successful in purchasing a bag made of the most luxury PVC under $100. I fell in love with the AE faux-leather line since. Although they sell leather products, I still stand to support the company by buying their cruelty-free items in hopes they will not only continue, but expand their collection. With that said… I introduce you to my early birthday present… another AE bag with matching wallet (the famous MOMA day purchase bag will make an appearence in the future, I promise!) .

Left to Right : homemade angel pin my dear friend Rebecca made for me, bobbie pins, Wet-n-Wild lipgloss, The Body Shop lip balm in Strawberry (memories of my teenage years in Iceland), yummy vegan snacks of raisins and Cracker Jack, lemon scent hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, my LV Env3 phone with pink leopard print case,  The Civil Wars concert ticket, Steve Maddon sunglasses and plastic bag case, photo of my beautiful niece Ivey, Armani Exchange PVC black embossed speedy bag and wallet, Victoria’s Secret Sweet Temptation spritz, cotton gloves for those cold mornings (were only 99 cents!), Bath & Body Works Look Ma, New Hands lotion, silver bow bracelet, Gemma Swavorski Crystal ring, Hello Kitty pad and pen.


2 Responses to “Yes it is Italian and it isn’t leather…”

  1. Jessica L Caneal March 1, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

    I LOVE the blog, Jaimie. I have a blog reader and I am adding this one to my feed right now. Such a fantastic idea!

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