Interested in having your purse posted?

7 Mar

Interested in sharing what is in your vegan purse? Here is the simple instructions on how to do so. More information is found in the About tab of this blog.

Simply e-mail all of the following information to .   Please e-mail all of the following:

1. Your first name and location. You may include your website/blog/twitter/etc.  if you would like it to be posted alongside your name.

2. Two photos of your handbag and its contents. Photos need to be in .jpg or .gif and be no more than 1G large each.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY ITEMS IN YOUR PHOTOS THAT MAY HAVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (ex. drivers liscense, credit cards, etc.) . What’s In My Vegan Purse is not held responsible for any identy theft information in accordance to your post.

3. List all your contents that are presented in your photo by company if possible. Not sure if an item in your bag is cruelty-free? Look up the company to see their animal-testing and materials policy.


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