A bag made out of recycled vinyl billboards? It can’t get cooler than that!

19 Mar

The stylish women of my family originated from the Bloomfield/Montclair/Verona area of New Jersey , so it brings a little special spark to my heart to introduce this awesome vegan and green purse entry from Montclair, NJ. Love the sunglasses! Thanks Jennifer for your entry.

Jennifer, Montclair, NJ

website : http://golightlystore.com

1. Aura Cacia Organic Cocoa Butter

2. Bach’s Floral Rescue Remedy

3. Get Mint Trading Co. Peppermint Essential Oil

4. Flip video camera

5. Chico Bags resusable tote and produce bags

6. Sunglasses

7. Tweezerman Tweezers

8. “No Idling” infraction tickets to put on windshields of idling cars

9. To-Go Ware reusable bamboo utensils

10. Go Naturally vegan ginger candy

11. The bag itself is made from recycled vinyl billboards, from Blowfish.

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