On my way to the boots I crossed paths with a bag

28 Mar

It is the time of year in my house where I itch to change up my master bedroom. I usually decide to do something basic such as switch up the duvet cover or curtains with something different I have in storage or I purchase some new decorations. This year I decided the bed was in bad need of fresh sheets in a different color. The bedroom is medium gray (including the wall paint), white and a selected color for the year. Last year was various shades of aqua, the year before was purple and this year’s color is yellow.  So, why should I stop with just household items? The warm weather (when it isn’t SNOWING just before APRIL in New Jersey) is a perfect logical reason to go looking for a new handbag this season!

My ultimate fashion goal is not a handbag but to actually locate knee or at least calf high (I will be flexible with this portion) faux-leather brown or camel colored boots that not only come in wide-width, but can fit my “I-know-it-looks-like-I-played-soccer-for-twenty-years-but-really-it-is-just-my-genes” huge definded calves. For once it isn’t my wide feet that’s the issue, its stuffing my lovely extra-large calves. I want to wear those brown boots over jeans or below cute skirts that all those chic-folky-hippie looking gals out there wear. You know that look, the ones all my favorite new young folk artists (ex. Alela Diane – whom I recommend HIGHLY) model so chic in online zine interviews. It’s like my goal to experience living in New York City – it is something that I totally want, yet have accepted it just may never come about. These boots are like that goal, lol.  Anyways… I am getting away from the topic of this post (thought I’d give you something to read while trying to doze off on a Sunday evening before work on Monday).  Back to my selection of a spring/summer bag…. I want a cross-body faux-leather, vegan, brownish colored small to medium sized bag to go with my imaginary brownish-vegan-knee high-wide width- wide calf  boots.

I figure the bag is way easier to locate than the boots.

My budget is under $30 (give or take a few) and I would prefer something with a zipper enterance. I located these two lovely vegan selections on this fun site  called Lulus and would like you, my beloved reader, to select which one you think I should think about getting. If you have a suggestion for a different bag please comment!

Yawn. Sweet Dreams!

Bag #1


Bag #2


One Response to “On my way to the boots I crossed paths with a bag”

  1. Jessica L Caneal April 1, 2011 at 3:34 am #

    Bag one!

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