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The color of spring is Green

27 Apr

It is spring time, duh…. so green should be coming up in loads… but there is a specific green I am speaking… one of our favorites – AVOCADO!!!! One of my Facebook buddies posted a 10 Vegan Avocado Recipes (<— click there!) ….

I’d also like to share one of my favorite avocado dishes with you that can be enjoyed year round. Everyone I recommend it to makes it a staple dish now. YUM!!!!!

Lastly, as a beauty tip… what about avocado as a facial mask? Just try not to eat it while you wear it 😉


What starts with VE? Vera Wang of course!

26 Apr

I will admit a few years back when Vera Wang, queen of bridal gowns, decided to sell a collection of clothing and accessories at Kohls I was a bit hesitant. I guess it was because I was a bit unpleased with previous celebrity-like clothing lines before. So, I decided to be adventurous and try one of her shirts and the first thing that came to mind was holy, moly….. this chick (Vera) knows her stuff! I looked hot and couture! Wonder why my cousin paid $10K for one of her dresses…. I feel and look good and its only a $30 shirt!  So, the other day I was running around Kohls looking for some cute stuff for spring when I stopped myself and saw this lovely tote by Ms. Wang.

Visions of me strolling the summer farmers market in my jean capris and this tote flooded my mind……..

I then skipped out on it because the handles were obviously leather. 

Well, Ms. Wang stumped me again! I looked up the material info on this lovely bag and that is faux leather!

Come to find out, most of her bags from this Kohl’s line is faux-leather.

I await for her to stump me a 3rd time… come on I dare you!

Paint those lips red, pink or blue… just never with any animal goo

18 Apr

So, I am not a big lipstick wearer.

Although, ironically I label myself a lipstick librarian or a librarian who is fashionable and is often caught reading the latest good fashion magazine rather than book.

I say I come from the lip gloss generation. My grandma’s was red lipstick, my mom’s was creamy coral lipstick and my generation is known for our brownish-mauve shiny lip gloss. Lately I’ve been in the mood for actual lipstick. I am not sure if it is because I am finally at the age my mom was when I first saw her applying her lipstick on (aka… I am a full grown-adult now, lol) or the bad economy (statistics show that lipstick sales go up during down economies as it is an inexpensive pampering item all women can afford).  Whatever it is I want a nice red or berry color… screw summer pastels!

So I have homework for you all…Vegan lipstick that will stay through a full day of shhhing my students. Suggestions?????

Gossip… “Who?! Who is a vegetarian….”

11 Apr

I feel like I am out of the loop guys! I JUST discovered Vegetarian Star news website! Not only does one get delicious recipes and health info… but you are totally an insider of Who’s Who in the Celebrity Vegetarian World! Could you imagine the publicity if one of the stars was carrying the latest vegan purse or wearing the latest vegan lipstick?  Bookmark it bitc….er…darlings!😉

Drum Roll Please!!!!!

11 Apr

We have a winner WINNERS!!!!!!

Yesterday morning Miss Charlotte, the beloved tuxedo cat, selected the winning names of our first, free earrings giveaway. Lets see how she selected….

First she took the bowl with the entry names in it to the sunshine to meditate and bring blessings to all ….

She then gave the bowl a winner luck kiss  and then she brought forth 3 winning names…..


The Winners are…

Michelle R. —> Yellow earrings

Dianne W. —> Green earrings

Jessica C. —> Pearl earrings

Congratulations! Winners have been contacted about their mailing addresses.

A BIG  THANK YOU!!!!!! To our etsy seller Thriftybunny!