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Comfy toes and feet

26 May

One of my dearest friends decided to join the Army recently and she is in the mist of boot camp. I have the pleasure of receiving weekly letters from her and the one from today asked for a simple care package. When it comes to the ladies in my life that are in the armed forces, I always include in my care packages the secret weapon – foot scrub. We all have felt that pinch and burn of high heels, but imagine your toes in military boots all day running around when they should be in comfy cloud-like sneakers.

I have found that a lot of foot scrubs are vegan or can be made at home with simple ingredients. The one I sent to my friend is Bath&Body Works True Blue Spa Foot Scrub ( I don’t know what it is, but every time I purchase this scrub for myself I can’t help but think of my 7 year old self with my first album – True Blue by Madonna).

I imagine that nothing gets out kinks in a military tired foot like walnut shell!


We all answer to Mom, Mommy, or Meow…. Happy Mother’s Day

9 May

I recall once reading a saying online that goes something like “I always think of you, Mom, whenever I look down at my bellybutton”. I think that is a profound statement of how we are all connected to another person and all of us, either we like her or even know her, have a mother.  When I sometimes voice my opinion on eating meat I always say “I can’t eat someone else’s child”. I know it is pretty harsh, but sometimes its a simple reminder of the truth behind what veganism stands for.

So, what did you do or get for your mom today? I have to say, I wanted to call up my sisters and go “Gotcha! I WON this year for “best mother’s day gift”, haaa. But I didn’t because I knew one of them would accidentlly slip. After all those years of when all of our mothers said “There is a good drink waiting at home for me after this day is done!” I bought my mother a drink… technically. I bought her a beautiful martini glass that came in a certain blue box for her to enjoy her beloved once in a blue moon martini. Drink up, Mom! I know I was handful …. you deserve it ;).

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s of 2 and 4 legged children!