We all answer to Mom, Mommy, or Meow…. Happy Mother’s Day

9 May

I recall once reading a saying online that goes something like “I always think of you, Mom, whenever I look down at my bellybutton”. I think that is a profound statement of how we are all connected to another person and all of us, either we like her or even know her, have a mother.  When I sometimes voice my opinion on eating meat I always say “I can’t eat someone else’s child”. I know it is pretty harsh, but sometimes its a simple reminder of the truth behind what veganism stands for.

So, what did you do or get for your mom today? I have to say, I wanted to call up my sisters and go “Gotcha! I WON this year for “best mother’s day gift”, haaa. But I didn’t because I knew one of them would accidentlly slip. After all those years of when all of our mothers said “There is a good drink waiting at home for me after this day is done!” I bought my mother a drink… technically. I bought her a beautiful martini glass that came in a certain blue box for her to enjoy her beloved once in a blue moon martini. Drink up, Mom! I know I was handful …. you deserve it ;).

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s of 2 and 4 legged children!


One Response to “We all answer to Mom, Mommy, or Meow…. Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Christine May 26, 2011 at 4:10 am #

    You…a handful? I can’t see that 🙂 You’re a terrific daughter!

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