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Feathering = Anger

30 Jul

Warning : this post will be a rant of anger! It is mostly due to the conversation I just had with a friend of mine.

Let it be known I am no saint and as recent as a year ago sported headbands with feathers on them because I did not know any better. I LOVE birds. I have a strange, dorky obsession with extinct birds that I can only try to explain  comes (I THINK) from my childhood love of Alice in Wonderland which introduced dodo birds to me. As I become more educated on the vegan lifestyle I become more aware of the reality of our culture and fashion.

I have been fairly soothing with informing people about the benefits of switching towards a plant based diet and animal cruelty. I have finally hit my anger wall with feathering though. I guess most people like me get fustrated and angered at one point or another so I am trying not to be hard on myself for feeling this way. I seek to know how to handle this and other similar situations better and I will so by continuing to network. Anyways…..

My friend informed me that her sister, in desperate need for extra money, opened up a feathering business in which she offers REAL ROOSTER feathers to be placed in the buying customer’s hair. She even labeled her business “Cock Your ‘Do“, disgusting! I then decided to inform my friend of the reality of this fashion craze and sent her a link to less expensive, nicer looking than the real thing fake feathers and the note that $1 of each pack goes towards ill people. She could use those, charge whatever for her service and still help not only animals, but humans. Great deal eh? The response I received was “Yeah, well right now she has 3000 feather from where ever  or whomever bird coming next week and needs to get rid of them and pay me back, so I don’t care. ” Sigh. Thoughts?

Here is the excellent article from PETA about the reality of this killing trend. Click here to get those AWESOME fake ones I spoke about.


Happy 4th Of July!

3 Jul

As you may have noticed I’ve been absent during the month of June as it was a very busy month for my family.  Summertime comes work changes, opening up our pool and celebrating wonderful weddings.  In preparation for the wedding I was in I purchased some great cruelty-free products and on our way up to Rochester (where the wedding was held) we stopped up to visit some wonderful souls at the Farm Sanctuary. I will post photos and information once hubby is able to load his pictures from our camera.

In the meantime I want to discuss July 4th.

We are hosting our first July 4th at our home and with it come issues of food. Regardless of our eating habits when we went out or do go out (as our diet has changed) our home has been strictly vegetarian. My pots, pans and stove have never seen an animal in it (except for the time my MIL decided to make chicken soup in my massive pot and I took a fit).  Through purchase points on our Sears card we received a free brand new Weber grill a few years back.  For previous BBQs I allowed others to bring meat to cook on it and I turned a blind eye because I was not cooking.  This year my parents, frustrated I think, with our small Weber offered to buy us a larger gas grill. I was not comfortable with that idea at all because I think grills mostly are for cooking meat on it. I was told by many people over the years that if I was going to have a BBQ and people wanted meat to tell them to bring it themselves.  As much as it is my house, I decided, very hesitantly to allow my parents offer and  told them to bring their own food to eat as we were not supplying the meat.  In return made sure to select a grill that had wonderful options to grill pizza, veggies and more for the future.  

In return I am supplying all the sides, drinks and treats that will be all vegan. I felt by going this route I was “satisfying” my guests with what they normally eat while introducing even more delicious dishes for them to try out. For every burger (that is not bought by us) there are several yummy vegan side dishes to try. I spoke with several vegan friends about this and they all agreed it was a positive step.  I know some of my dear vegan friends would tell me that it is my house and to put my foot down. While I respect and believe in that action I also did not want to keep 90% of my guests away and thought this would be an educational opportunity for them.

Here are some of the dishes I plan to introduce at the party:

–          Vegan Greek  pasta salad

–          Strawberry and raspberry toss salad

–          Vegan BLTs

–          Vegan burgers with tons of toppings

–          Several different kinds of humus and chips for dipping

–          Fresh corn dipped in Earth Balance and herbs

–          Bean salad soaked in Italian dressing

–          Fresh fruit

–          Lemon cookies

–          Cherry, blueberry, strawberry, etc. lemonades

–          And More!!

How do you plan to celebrate your July 4th?

I will let you know how the party goes!