Feathering = Anger

30 Jul

Warning : this post will be a rant of anger! It is mostly due to the conversation I just had with a friend of mine.

Let it be known I am no saint and as recent as a year ago sported headbands with feathers on them because I did not know any better. I LOVE birds. I have a strange, dorky obsession with extinct birds that I can only try to explain  comes (I THINK) from my childhood love of Alice in Wonderland which introduced dodo birds to me. As I become more educated on the vegan lifestyle I become more aware of the reality of our culture and fashion.

I have been fairly soothing with informing people about the benefits of switching towards a plant based diet and animal cruelty. I have finally hit my anger wall with feathering though. I guess most people like me get fustrated and angered at one point or another so I am trying not to be hard on myself for feeling this way. I seek to know how to handle this and other similar situations better and I will so by continuing to network. Anyways…..

My friend informed me that her sister, in desperate need for extra money, opened up a feathering business in which she offers REAL ROOSTER feathers to be placed in the buying customer’s hair. She even labeled her business “Cock Your ‘Do“, disgusting! I then decided to inform my friend of the reality of this fashion craze and sent her a link to less expensive, nicer looking than the real thing fake feathers and the note that $1 of each pack goes towards ill people. She could use those, charge whatever for her service and still help not only animals, but humans. Great deal eh? The response I received was “Yeah, well right now she has 3000 feather from where ever  or whomever bird coming next week and needs to get rid of them and pay me back, so I don’t care. ” Sigh. Thoughts?

Here is the excellent article from PETA about the reality of this killing trend. Click here to get those AWESOME fake ones I spoke about.


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