Paint those lips red, pink or blue… just never with any animal goo

18 Apr

So, I am not a big lipstick wearer.

Although, ironically I label myself a lipstick librarian or a librarian who is fashionable and is often caught reading the latest good fashion magazine rather than book.

I say I come from the lip gloss generation. My grandma’s was red lipstick, my mom’s was creamy coral lipstick and my generation is known for our brownish-mauve shiny lip gloss. Lately I’ve been in the mood for actual lipstick. I am not sure if it is because I am finally at the age my mom was when I first saw her applying her lipstick on (aka… I am a full grown-adult now, lol) or the bad economy (statistics show that lipstick sales go up during down economies as it is an inexpensive pampering item all women can afford).  Whatever it is I want a nice red or berry color… screw summer pastels!

So I have homework for you all…Vegan lipstick that will stay through a full day of shhhing my students. Suggestions?????


Gossip… “Who?! Who is a vegetarian….”

11 Apr

I feel like I am out of the loop guys! I JUST discovered Vegetarian Star news website! Not only does one get delicious recipes and health info… but you are totally an insider of Who’s Who in the Celebrity Vegetarian World! Could you imagine the publicity if one of the stars was carrying the latest vegan purse or wearing the latest vegan lipstick?  Bookmark it bitc….er…darlings!😉

Drum Roll Please!!!!!

11 Apr

We have a winner WINNERS!!!!!!

Yesterday morning Miss Charlotte, the beloved tuxedo cat, selected the winning names of our first, free earrings giveaway. Lets see how she selected….

First she took the bowl with the entry names in it to the sunshine to meditate and bring blessings to all ….

She then gave the bowl a winner luck kiss  and then she brought forth 3 winning names…..


The Winners are…

Michelle R. —> Yellow earrings

Dianne W. —> Green earrings

Jessica C. —> Pearl earrings

Congratulations! Winners have been contacted about their mailing addresses.

A BIG  THANK YOU!!!!!! To our etsy seller Thriftybunny!

If You Like Free Jewelry Raise Your Hand!!

29 Mar


A few years ago I discovered one of the most addictive sites online – and soon afterwards not only did I open up my own shop The Dodoist, I became a mega-groupie of the lovely ThriftyBunny shop. How more vegan can you get – the shop is noted for selling beautiful handcrafted jewelry that won’t put a dent into your wallet and has the word bunny in it’s name!. The quality and beautiful craftwomanship of these items surpasses a lot of more costly items that I’ve seen over the years  and the earrings I have had from this shop never turn color or tarnish!

Not only is the customer service by ThriftyBunny top notch, Christy, the seller, has been super sweet to donate not one, not two, but THREE pairs of her earrings to be given away to three lucky readers! The chances you could win a free pair of earrings is … like… super high! Forget the lottery!

Lets meet our 3 beautiful pairs of earrings, shall we…..

Emerald Green Briolette Dot Drop Earrings

They go so well with spring grass and trees

Glass Pearl Hoop Earrings

Take it from me the uniquely shaped hoops are comfy and elegant

Honey Colored Faceted Czech Glass Rondell Stack Earrings

Deep yellow like the summer sun

So how can you get your paws on one of these pairs?


Simply complete all 4 easy steps (3 for the pairs of earrings and 1 extra for goodluck!)

1.       Join and mark ThriftyBunny as a favorite shop

2.       “Like” us here —-> on Facebook.

3.       Post a link about this give-away on your Facebook or Twitter  *OR*   E-mail your friends,   including us(  a link to this giveaway.

4.       Leave a comment to this blog giveaway post stating which pair of earrings (I know it is hard to select just one!) you would want to have and why (be creative!). Don’t forget to include your name in case you win!

The 3 winners will be selected by random on April 8th and will be announced that weekend

Good Luck!

Everyone is Doing “IT”!

28 Mar

We are on Facebook now!!  Just click on this Facebook link and “LIKE” us! So easy!

On my way to the boots I crossed paths with a bag

28 Mar

It is the time of year in my house where I itch to change up my master bedroom. I usually decide to do something basic such as switch up the duvet cover or curtains with something different I have in storage or I purchase some new decorations. This year I decided the bed was in bad need of fresh sheets in a different color. The bedroom is medium gray (including the wall paint), white and a selected color for the year. Last year was various shades of aqua, the year before was purple and this year’s color is yellow.  So, why should I stop with just household items? The warm weather (when it isn’t SNOWING just before APRIL in New Jersey) is a perfect logical reason to go looking for a new handbag this season!

My ultimate fashion goal is not a handbag but to actually locate knee or at least calf high (I will be flexible with this portion) faux-leather brown or camel colored boots that not only come in wide-width, but can fit my “I-know-it-looks-like-I-played-soccer-for-twenty-years-but-really-it-is-just-my-genes” huge definded calves. For once it isn’t my wide feet that’s the issue, its stuffing my lovely extra-large calves. I want to wear those brown boots over jeans or below cute skirts that all those chic-folky-hippie looking gals out there wear. You know that look, the ones all my favorite new young folk artists (ex. Alela Diane – whom I recommend HIGHLY) model so chic in online zine interviews. It’s like my goal to experience living in New York City – it is something that I totally want, yet have accepted it just may never come about. These boots are like that goal, lol.  Anyways… I am getting away from the topic of this post (thought I’d give you something to read while trying to doze off on a Sunday evening before work on Monday).  Back to my selection of a spring/summer bag…. I want a cross-body faux-leather, vegan, brownish colored small to medium sized bag to go with my imaginary brownish-vegan-knee high-wide width- wide calf  boots.

I figure the bag is way easier to locate than the boots.

My budget is under $30 (give or take a few) and I would prefer something with a zipper enterance. I located these two lovely vegan selections on this fun site  called Lulus and would like you, my beloved reader, to select which one you think I should think about getting. If you have a suggestion for a different bag please comment!

Yawn. Sweet Dreams!

Bag #1


Bag #2

Veggie Girl’s Spring Themed Bag

23 Mar

Dianne of Montclair, NJ aka VeggieGirl stopped by our blog to share with us what’s in her vegan purse.

I highly recommend you check out her website and blog Veggie Girl .

Warning!!! Photos of the delicious food on her blog WILL make your mouth water!!! You have been warned! 🙂

So onto Dianne’s bag…. I LOVE anything rose gold/copper and I am drooling over that makeup bag. Hot!!  Also, I just began using Alba’s products and what a treat it is to have mango flavor year round 🙂 Yum!! This reminds me… it’s the beginning of water ice (Mango being my favorite!) season…..

Dianne, Montclair, NJ


The bag is from Espe. Here are contents:
1. Reusable water bottle.
2. An old Matt and Nat wallet. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it because I love the color!
3. Makeup bag. This is a no name prototype bag. I designed it myself at an old job and it was never produced. It’s made from some sort of man made materials, but I’m not sure what.
4. iPhone earbuds.
5. A Chococat checkbook. Yes, I do occasionally still write a check!
6. Nail file.
7. Zuzu Luxe lip gloss.
8. Beauty Without Cruelty lip liner.
9. Urban Decay lipstick.
10. Odwalla bar.
11. Matt and Nat change purse.
12.  iPhone in a plastic and fabric case.
13. 2 pens.
14. A stack of business cards.
15. A MetroCard for trips into NYC.
16. Urban Decay powder compact.
17. Little key trinket that doesn’t actually lock anything.
18. Alba mango body cream.
19. Book of matches from Pala Pizza in NYC.

Thanks Dianne for your entry!

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